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    Sax Velo now stock all Fenwicks products . We use them in the workshop, we use them on your bikes as we are confident they will preserve your chain to your frame. Why not pop in and ask for a demo of the foaming chain cleaner and watch it do its magic!


    Group Rides Sunday Mornings

    We are doing Sunday morning group rides from the Sax Velo shop @ 7.30am around 40/50 miles 16/17 pace.. all our welcome.

    Any abilities group ride. All are welcome to join a ride to a cafe on Sundays. 8.45am @saxvelo 2/3 hours at a steady pace.

    You can either Facebook message us or call/text 07484 805507 if there are any changes they will be published on our Facebook

    20 Market Place,
    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


    Monday - 9-5
    Tuesday - 9-5
    Wednesday - -9-5
    Thursday - CLOSED
    Friday - 9-5
    Saturday - 9-5
    Sunday - Riding!


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